Panel Signs

Panel Signs

The affordable and fast way to get you out there

Perhaps there is no type of exterior sign requested and produced more than a panel sign. There is a good reason for this; panel signs have a quick turn around, are affordable, and adaptable.

Panel signs can be installed on buildings; or they can be freestanding, attached to posts installed in the ground. Either way, they are always made to order; tailored to meet your business persona with the appropriate colors, shapes, and artwork.

Panel signs are typically made from aluminum or dibond, but can also be made from acrylic or MDO board. Most panel signs are finished with vinyl or digital prints, but can also have dimensional lettering or graphics.

All panel signs can be routed to any shape. If you would like to get a little more creative than a rectangular sign, consider rounded or cut signs for a more original and artistic design.

More About Freestanding Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are freestanding and installed into the ground, which can be earth or concrete. The posts used for panel signs are typically aluminum or wood. The posts can be completed with different post caps or toppers to add additional design to your sign.

The key to a long-lasting and durable post and panel sign is the installation. Each post and panel sign must be installed to an appropriate depth in order to handle the wind load; this appropriate depth depends on the size of the sign. Our installation department will make sure your sign is installed at the correct depth and secured with the right amount of concrete.

Our post and panel signs can be mounted to the posts in many different ways. The signs can be assembled with brackets designed for easy modifications or internal brackets that are hidden from view. As always, the possibilities are endless.

Panel Signs Quick Facts:

  • Can be installed on buildings and storefronts or installed in the ground as freestanding post and panel signs.
  • Available in all shapes, colors and sizes. Fully customizable to meet your business image. Can be made from materials like aluminum, dibond, MDO board, or acrylic.
  • Come with a wide range of different bracket options, post options, and post cap options for a more appealing and original design
  • Appropriately installed at the right depth and with the correct amount of concrete to ensure durability and a long lifespan.