Free Standing

Free Standing

Reaching clients where storefront signs can’t

“Free Standing” is the term given to the general and broad range of exterior signs not installed on buildings. Free standing signs can be Post and Panel signs, Aluminum and Illuminated cabinets, Monuments, or Directories.

As a full-service sign company, we are able to fully customize your free standing signs from start to finish. Whether you are inclined more to a traditional square or rectangular sign or more to an unconventional shape, we will meet your requests.

Free standing signs can be made with routed letters, vinyl lettering, removable faces and cut outs. There is an array of sign substrates available, as well. Free standing signs can be made with MDO (composite wood) board, aluminum, acrylic, lexan, alumilite, and dibond.

The style of install is also open to options. Posts can either be exterior and decorative or hidden within cabinets. Free standing signs, like monument signs, can also be installed using footers.

From One Post to Four Pillars in Size

At Dobish Signs, no free standing sign is too small to deserve our attention or too big to be undertaken. Whether it be a small hanging post sign outside a home business or a large high school stadium sign, there is no free standing sign install that we are not experienced with.

If you are concerned about the scale or extent of your free standing sign, we won’t be.

Free Standing Sign Quick Facts:

  • Defines the general range of exterior signage requiring ground installation.
  • A variety of graphic, text, and logo applications offered; including vinyl, channel letters, routings, cut-outs, and removable faces.
  • Available on any sign substrate; can also be installed with exterior decorative posts or interior hidden posts.
  • No limitations on the size of the free standing signs we produce and install, no matter how big or small.