Production & Installation

Is all of your work produced in-house?

Nearly 95% percent of it is. Rarely will we outsource our work to other sign vendors. As a full service sign company, we are capable of handling every aspect of a job. Occasionally we will receive sign systems and supplies from distributors that we assemble and complete at our own shop.

We like to keep our work in house because we trust our products, we trust our hard work, and we trust our service. Our customers benefit, as well, because if there are ever any modifications or adjustments that need to be made, we can quickly and efficiently address them without having to go through a second party.

What are the different ways my images can be digitally printed?

With multiple high-resolution dye and solvent ink printers, we are capable of printing every type of image, graphic, or photo. The quality of multi-color digital prints depends on the file format for images and graphics and the pixilation of digital photos.

With that being said, images can be digitally printed to any size, no matter how big or small. The images can also be contour-cut to take on any required shape or dimension.

Our digital prints are available on a wide selection of vinyl, static cling, and banner materials. Our printers and materials allow your image to go anywhere and everywhere. There are even ways to print window graphics where the graphics are printed on the adhesive side of the print so it can be applied on the interior of the window.

In addition, we offer protective laminates for digital prints to guard against human interaction, fading, and the normal wear and tear damage of frequent use.

What installation methods do you use?

Whatever methods we have to use. Our goal for sign installations is to put up signs that look exceptionally attractive, but would take a natural disaster to remove.

Free-standing signs will likely require a ground installation unless there is already an existing structure. Dependent on the size and weight of the sign, our ground installations are done by digging to the appropriate depth and concreting with the appropriate diameters to ensure the sign can easily handle wind loads.

For building installations, whether for interior or exterior signs, we always use extra hardware, fasteners, or adhesives to assure the sign will hold in place regardless of the elements.

We have been installing signs for over 70 years and have an impeccable record of safety and permanence – and we would like to keep it that way.

What are my options for shipping, delivery, and pick-up?

We typically ship using Fed Ex; but have also used UPS and even regular mail, if the shipment is small enough.

Because we usually install our signs, we rarely ship larger signs requiring freight delivery; but you have this option as well. We will also deliver your signs if need be. However, we recommend shipping as your first option. More often than not, our delivery charges will be more expensive than shipment.

Pick-ups can be arranged for any time during business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. We ask that you please call to schedule a pick-up beforehand so that the signs are ready for your arrival.