Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnets

Turn any car into a business car in one second

If your family car also serves as a business car, you might be interested in vehicle magnets. Magnets allow you to temporarily advertise on your car without making permanent alterations to the car or damaging the car’s finish.

Our vehicle magnets aren’t limited to pre-made and pre-cut sizes. Whatever size fits your vehicle best is the size magnet you will get. Our magnets can be contour cut to make any shape, too.

We can also digitally print on our magnets, allowing for a high resolution and multi-color display. In addition, we use the strongest of magnetic material to ensure that your magnets will securely stay on your vehicle during travel.

We offer a protective laminate to further ensure durability and fade resistance.

The ability to be put on and taken off quickly is the greatest advantage to vehicle magnets. However, please remember that magnets can potentially fall off your vehicle if used incorrectly.

We encourage you place your magnets on absolutely smooth surfaces and keep both the magnet and the car clean to maintain a strong bond. Make sure wind can not get behind the magnet.

If magnets aren’t for you, then actual Vehicle Graphics might better suit you.

Vehicle Magnets Quick Facts:

  • Offers temporary advertising and can be easily removed from vehicles.
  • Are not limited to pre-made options. Available in custom sizes and shapes.
  • Digital printing allows for full customization, including high resolution and multi-color prints.
  • Will remain secure on your vehicle if properly applied on smooth surfaces and cleaned regularly.