Sign Removal

Sign Removal

Because business is a revolving door

We get much more satisfaction from putting up a sign than from taking down a sign – unless the removed sign is a competitors! With that being said, at Dobish Signs, we offer sign removal just as we offer sign installation. The same vehicles and equipment that enable us to install a sign also enable us to take down a sign.

Sign removal is needed because businesses change, vendors change, and signs get worn down by the elements over a period of time. Typically, signs maintain their quality for 8 to 10 years; and aging signs can hurt the appeal of the area where they are located, as well as reflect poorly on the business they represent.

Removal generally is an easy process, but can become more complex if the sign is rusted or if electricity is involved. Please contact us, and ask for a representative from our installations department to find out more about pricing, scheduling, and our procedures for sign removal centered around advancement, centered around timeliness, centered around you.

Removal Includes:

  • Removing graphics from vehicles
  • Removing stand-alone cabinets and panel signs, as well as cabinets from buildings
  • Removing channel letters
  • Removing interior wall-mounted signs
  • Disposal of removed signs