Sign Permits

Sign Permits

Because you don’t need any added stress

More than likely, if your signage needs include an outdoor sign, whether stand alone or on a building, you will be required to obtain a permit from the local township or borough.

Many sign vendors and clients decide to take the risk and install a sign without a permit, but we do not recommend this action. The lack of a permit could result in double the expense, triple the completion time, and quadruple the headache!

The degree of difficulty and the time involved in getting a sign permit varies from municipality to municipality; it is in your best interest to obtain the necessary permits as soon as possible.

Because we obtain sign permits frequently, we are very familiar with the process and the requirements involved. Our experience in this area can save you the hassle of maneuvering your way through a complicated and unfamiliar procedure. Our permit services are centered around assurance, centered around trust, centered around you.

Permit Options Include:

  • Contacting the local boroughs and townships
  • Obtaining an engineer seal
  • Submitting required shop drawings
  • Submitting all necessary permit paperwork and payment