Sign Consultation

Sign Consultation

Because you’re busy running your business

With over 70 years of experience in the sign industry, we can give you comprehensive information on anything and everything pertaining to signage, from LED channel letters on the outside to nameplates and directories on the inside.

Through the consultation process, we will explain to you what we feel are the best options to give you a sign with great aesthetic appeal, durability, and a price that works for you. We want your business to succeed.

Why a Consultation is Important

You travel by hundreds of signs every day. You are not aware that you see so many signs because only a select few catch your attention and stand out to you. Our goal is to provide your business with that sign that stands out among all the others.

We understand how demanding and time-consuming it is to run a business; that’s why we put forth so much effort into explaining your sign options precisely and in thorough detail.

Whether you have one question or thirty questions about your sign options, we will always welcome the chance to assist you. Please consider scheduling a meeting with Dobish Signs to learn everything you need to know about your signage needs and gain information centered around experience, centered around commitment, centered around you.

Consultation Includes:

  • Sampling of different sign materials
  • Sampling of different design options
  • Discussion of permit requirements
  • A job site evaluation
  • Pricing options