Wall Mount Signs

Wall Mount Signs

Placing signs where eyes will see them

The definition of a wall-mounted sign is pretty simple – any long-term sign that is installed on interior walls is a wall mount, regardless of the substrate or method of install.

Popular substrates for interior wall mounts are acrylic, dibond, and gatorboard. With any substrate, wall mounts can be double-faced taped onto or fastened into the walls, depending on the weight of the sign.

Wall mounts can be completed with vinyl and digital prints, but also can be etched or routed. Your options are once again limitless with all sizes, colors, shapes, and designs available.

Do You Want Your Sign to Stand Out Even More?

Wall-mounted signs don’t always have to be flush with the walls. If you want your interior signs to have a little added flare, you might want to consider different fixing components to make the signs stand off the wall.

Interior signs can also be suspended from ceilings or projected from walls to grab peoples’ attention even more.

Regardless of how simple or complex, wall-mounted signs give you an opportunity to direct or influence your customers anywhere in your business. Whatever you need your sign to say and wherever you want it said, wall mounted signs may be your solution.

If human interaction is a concern, we can give you a variety of options to keep your signs better protected and longer lasting.

Wall Mounts Quick Facts:

  • Wall mounts are signs on a substrate that are installed on interior walls. Any substrate and any install method can be used.
  • Unlimited customization with etching, routing, vinyl, and digital print options available.
  • Don’t have to be flush with the walls; can stand off of or be projected from walls or suspended from ceilings.
  • Can remain protected in high human interaction areas.