Interior Directories

Interior Directories

Getting your clients were they need to go

If you need to guide your clients to the appropriate destination, then directories are a necessity. Directories are crucial to the efficiency of offices, hospitals, schools, apartments, hotels, and other large building facilities.

Directories are unique in that they must have great aesthetic appeal, but also must be easily changeable to accommodate the constant updates at your business. Interior directories are typically wall-mounted, but can be free-standing as well.

Measures can be taken to keep your directories protected against vandalism and the constant wear and tear of human interaction. Directories are typically made with solid plastics and acrylics, but can be made in other sign substrates as well.

Personalizing Your Directories to Fit Your Image

As with every job we do at Dobish Signs, your directories will be customized to fit your business. We will design the directory to match the colors, image, and style of your company.

The options for mounting and changing your directories are just as unlimited as customization. Directories can be mounted using different frames, brackets, stands, or posts. Directory inserts can be changed with pocket slots, magnets, and even suction cups!

Your directories can be as permanent or as temporary as you want them to be.

Interior Directories Quick Facts:

  • Can be wall-mounted, free-standing, and even illuminated.
  • Are completely customized to match your business image.
  • Are mounted in brackets, frames, stands, and posts; and can include protective faces to deter human interaction.
  • Inserts can easily be changed through many different methods including pocket slots, magnetics, and suction cups.