Interior Dimensional Letters

Interior Dimensional Letters

An affordable option for a professional look

With dimensional letters, your business will become more impressive and noticeable. Our eyes are designed to pick up depth, aspect, and angle so dimensional letters really attract attention. There are no limitations to the 3-D letters and logos we can create. Every font and every logo is possible.

Any sign material can be cut into dimensional letters and logos. Foam, plastic, brushed aluminum, brass, sintra, dibond, and acrylic are the more common materials used. Interior dimensional letters can either be stud mounted or double-faced taped to walls.

Our Dimensional Letters Are Precisely Cut

Using a sign router, a computerized cutting machine, every cut is a precise and smooth cut. Laser cuts are also available for an even better finish.

A router can carve out the more light weight and cost effective substrates like sintra; as well as the more durable materials like aluminum and acrylic.

With our dimensional letters, you will have options with surface textures, finishes, colors, thickness, polish and patterns. Your letters and logos can be customized to fit your image.

Interior Dimensional Letters Quick Facts:

  • Are cut on a computerized router, allowing us to provide letters and logos on most sign materials and in most sizes.
  • Can be mounted to walls using either studs or a strong adhesive such as double-face tape.
  • There are no limitations on typestyles, fonts, or logos.
  • All of our dimensional letters can be customized with different surface textures and finishes to match your company image.