Digital Prints

Digital Prints

Full color prints to bring your business to life

If you want your business to catch peoples’ attention, digital printing will grab it.

With multiple dye and solvent ink printers, we are capable of printing any color, subtle or flamboyant. We can also do multi-color and gradient prints. Our printers are high resolution which allows us to easily match the quality of the artwork and photos you provide.

With our printing capabilities, we can display your business logos and colors exactly.

Digital Prints Can Be Used on Any Smooth Surface

With digital printing, you can add color to any sign material. Our prints can be applied and formed to any regular or irregular surface, from coroplast to aluminum. By using a protective laminate, our prints have nearly the same life-span as regular vinyl.

With our large format printers, no print is too big or too small. No color image is unobtainable.

Dobish Signs can help add life to your storefront, sign stands, windows, walls, ceilings, and floors; not to mention vehicles!

Digital Print Quick Facts:

  • With multiple large format printers, we are capable of printing most digital images.
  • Can be applied to any sign material, and to any location in your business.
  • Allows your logo and company colors to appear on any sign.
  • With a protective laminate, prints have close to the same durability as regular vinyl.