Signs for the safety of your patrons

ADA signs, including Braille signs, are used in locations that need to be compliant with the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA signs are typically wall-mounted signs that are required for public restrooms, health systems, schools, offices, retail, as well as other industries. The installation height, type of Braille, and location of the ADA signs must comply with the ADA guidelines.

Due to our experience in working with ADA signage, we are well qualified to provide you with ADA compliant signs that are designed around your business. We can design ADA signs to match the color, substrate, and mounting you desire.

Braille Signs Are Not the Only ADA Signs Required By Law

Your business might need more than Braille signage. If you need to order any other type of signage for the safety and support of your patrons, we can help.

Other signage needs might include, but are not limited to, no-smoking signs, handicap signs, biohazard or chemical signs, as well as fire exits, first-aid, and danger/warning signs.

Dobish Signs will lend our expertise on ADA compliance to help you business become accessible and safe for all of your patrons. If you would like to learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, we can provide assistance with our consultation services.

ADA Quick Facts:

  • Include Braille signs, parking signs, accessibility signs, and other hazard and safety signage.
  • May be required by law to make your business more accessible to special needs patrons.
  • Must adhere to specific guidelines, but can be designed to your own preferences in color and materials.
  • Are typically interior wall mounted signs, but may include exterior signage for parking, wheelchair accessibility, and hazardous areas.