Routed & Sandblasted Signs

Routed & Sandblasted Signs

A warm welcome to all your customers

Routed and sandblasted signs are architectural urethane post and panel or building signs that give your business a more inviting and receptive appeal.

Urethane boards are the modern alternative to carved redwood signs. Urethane signs withstand weathering and aging better than redwoods, and allow for oil-free and longer lasting paints to be used.

Through computerized routing, detailed images and multi colors can now appear on these more traditional architectural signs.

Routed signs also allow for vastly more elegant and creative shapes than can’t be achieved with other sign types.

Add Depth and Dimension to Your Sign

Probably the greatest advantage to routed signs is the dimensional look it will present. Routed signs can either have letters and images carved in or sandblasted out.

Signs with carved in letters are routed in a way where the surface of the sign remains in tact while the actual letters are cut away, giving the sign more depth and dimension.

Sandblasted signs are routed in a way where the letters and images remain at the surface of the sign while the rest of urethane board is planed away, allowing the letters to stand out. Sandblasting gives your sign added angle and perspective.

Routed / Sandblasted Sign Quick Facts:

  • Routed urethane boards, a modern alternative to carved wood signs, present a more traditional and inviting appeal.
  • Urethane boards will withstand outdoor elements and last longer with oil-free paints.
  • The routing process allows for more creative shape and perspective to signs.
  • Can be routed in or sandblasted out to give your sign more depth and dimension.