Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Classic signs for timeless and iconic publicity

Monument signs are free standing signs that are not erected using the usual post method. Monument signs are structured and fabricated together with external footers and architectural configuration.

Monument signs can be fabricated as one unit in synthetic stucco and sign foam.

If the architecture of the sign is an important consideration, monuments are crafted for you. There is much more freedom of design and creativity with monument structures, compared to regular post and panels.

The architecture of monument signs comes in a wide variety of design selections. Once the architectural style is chosen, the sign will be completed with your custom signage; whether it is panels, dimensional letters, or a routed sign attached to the structure.

Monument signs can also be constructed with stone and brick designs fabricated right into sign foam. At a much lower cost, you will know it is not actual brick; but others won’t.

Accent Your Sign with Creativity plus Durability with Sign Foam

The innovative sign foam used for monument signs offers many advantages over other sign types. Monument signs can be quite massive; yet when made out of sign foam, they are light weight and extremely durable.

The sign foam negates the need for the internal structure used for larger signs. But the greatest benefit to sign foam is the strength of the material. Sign foam is so rigid and compact that it can withstand many hard impacts. Sign foam also resists fading better than most other sign substrates.

The sign foam also allows for any sign type to be installed onto the architectural structure. For that reason, these signs can be easily customized to match your company’s image and artwork.

Monument Signs Quick Facts:

  • Freestanding architectural signs encompassing creative sign foam structures with other sign elements.
  • Come in a wide variety of design options; can also be completed with synthetic brick or stone finishes.
  • Light weight, but durable and strong because of a hard coat finish applied to the sign foam.
  • Can be used with all sign types including panels, dimensional letters, or routed and sandblasted signs.
  • Customizable to meet your business image.