LED & Channel Letters

LED & Channel Letters

Advertise from morning to night and night to morning

LED and channel letters are internally lit, dimensional letters for building storefronts. LED (or Light Emitting Diode) technologies allow your lit dimensional letters to be long lasting and maintenance free.

Everything that you can get in non-lit dimensional letters, you can also get in LED format for night. The same colors, routing, sizing, and imaging obtainable in the standard dimensional letters are also available for evening display.

You will notice right away that your signage is more visible at night than it is during the day with LED channel letters. You can also rely on a worry-free experience with our LED letters – all of our electrically charged signage is U.L. certified.

Why We Do Not Sell Neon Channel Letters

LED channel letters are the most up-to-date method of illuminating dimensional letters. There is a list of reasons why this is the case, but our biggest reason for selling LED letters, rather than neon, is to save you money. LED letters are both more affordable and energy efficient than neon signs.

Another reason why we like LED over neon is the overall display. LEDs are not quite as bright as neon; but remain lit longer, and come in a larger selection of colors.

LED letters are also safer than neon because they require a lower electrical voltage, and they do not contain poisonous gases like mercury.

LED / Channel Letters Quick Facts:

  • Internally lit dimensional letters that keep your business in peoples’ sight day and night.
  • Customizable, just like non-lit dimensional letters; available in every company’s fonts, colors and logos.
  • U.L. certified for safety; also offered with exterior toggle switches for manual on/off power control.
  • Preferred over neon signs due to affordability, safety, and a longer lifespan.