Illuminated Cabinets

Illuminated Cabinets

For signs requiring a 24-hour shift

Not every business operates from nine to five. And not every person goes home before the sun goes down. If it is just as important for your business to be identified at night as it is during the day, illuminated cabinets are worth considering.

Illuminated cabinets are aluminum cabinets that are internally lit with electric ballasts and fluorescent bulbs. The light can shine through acrylic panels, routed letters, or vacuumed-formed polycarbonate faces.

Our illuminated cabinets are always U.L. certified to ensure your signs are safe and hazard free. Our illuminated cabinets are also available with an exterior on/off toggle switch, in case you ever want to manually turn off the internal bulbs.

Our illuminated cabinets are just like our regular aluminum cabinets, except that they are internally lit. This means you have the same wide range of options with our illuminated cabinets. They can be customized and installed with your desired structure, shape, colors and consistency.

Illuminated Cabinet Quick Facts:

  • Necessary for businesses that need to advertise and be identified as much at night as during the day.
  • Internally lit using electric ballasts and fluorescent bulbs that can shine through acrylic or polycarbonate faces, as well as routed letters.
  • U.L. certified for safety; also offered with exterior toggle switches for manual on/off power control.
  • Customizable, just like the aluminum cabinets – available in different shapes, colors, and structure.