Exterior Directories

Exterior Directories

Get your clients on the right track

If your signage needs involve business parks, garages, hospitals, schools, or other campuses, you’re probably interested in sign directories.

Exterior directories are any type of post and panel, cabinet, or building directional signs used to guide clients through your business property.

Directories can be double- or single-sided, be illuminated, or have vinyl or routed faces. Our directories are fabricated in-house to ensure quality and uniformity. This also allows for customization. Shape, size, typestyle, and color are all open to your imagination.

If your garage, park, or campus has a specific theme, we will make sure your sign directories follow suit. We want your signs to be an attraction, not a distraction.

Make Sure Your Directories are Efficient and Effective

The key to good sign directories is design and consistency; both are needed to help clients get to where they need to go.

With our experience in designing sign directories, we will make sure your directional signs are aesthetically appealing; but also simple enough for clients to understand. Well- designed directories utilize good contrast and distinct arrows to help clients find their way.

Consistency is equally important to sign directories. All directories must be uniform and dependable. With that being said, there are multiple ways to install and structure these signs. Directories can be installed on buildings or be free-standing with either exterior posts or interior posts that are hidden within the cabinet.

Do you need to direct clients through cities or towns? Check out our Way Finding Signs Section.

Exterior Directories Quick Facts:

  • Typically needed in business parks, parking garages, and school or hospital campuses.
  • Fully customizable; can match the color, style, and theme of any business property.
  • Open to all sign types; can be a post and panel, a cabinet, or a building sign. Also can be illuminated, reflective, or installed with interior posts.
  • Require good design and consistency to help clients find their way around.