Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Centers

When you want your sign to advertise even more

Electronic message centers, or digital billboards, are becoming more and more common. Many companies recognize how these signs can promote their business and sales.

Electronic / digital signs use the latest LED display technologies to give you one of the most vibrant and eye-catching forms of advertising. Now you can display new products, sales, and promotions just as effectively on site as in using the more expensive print and media advertising.

Electronic message centers range in price, based on the complexity and advancement of the LED display capability. If all you want is to display some brief statements and sales, a one-color text message center will suit you.

If you want to really grab peoples’ attention, you might want to consider the full-color, high pixel pitch digital signs that can show your advertising just as clearly and brilliantly as any print or media ad.

Indoor and Outdoor, Seen Up Close or Far Away

Electronic message centers can be used indoors, as well as outdoors. Business lobbies, mall walkways, and restaurant menu boards are just a few examples of how these digital signs can be used on the inside.

Electronic / digital signs come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. There will be no problem finding a size that works for you.

The main determining factor as to size is the distance from which you want the sign to be seen. We can help you decide the appropriate size and pixel pitch to meet those needs.

Most importantly, we offer sign and electronic message center sign packages. We find that a lot of businesses don’t just want a digital message board by itself. We can show you how to integrate digital signs into your overall signage needs.

Electronic Message Centers Quick Facts:

  • On-site and roadway advertising as effective and versatile as other print and media ads.
  • Offered as simple as one-color text displays to full-color and highly pixilated electronic media centers.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, and comes in a variety of dimensions and sizes.
  • Can be integrated into your overall signage needs in the form of a sign package.