Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters

Uniting superior signage with valued storefronts

If you need a sign, but want to maintain the beauty and appeal of your building, dimensional letters might be your answer.

Dimensional letters make your company’s name and logo visible, but won’t compromise the aesthetics of a well-designed building. Dimensional letters are also an excellent option for storefronts that don’t have the space or size to allow for a cabinet or panel sign.

Exterior dimensional letters and logos can be any shape, size, color or thickness. Every font imaginable is available.

There is also a wide variety of materials available, from bronze and brass to metal and plastic. Let us know your preference and budget, and we’ll let you know your best option.

Dimensional Letters That Can Go On Any Surface

From brick and mortar to stucco and stone sidings, dimensional letters can be installed on all types of surfaces, regardless of the texture or protrusion.

Depending on the materials used, dimensional letters may even have a longer lifespan than other sign types because there is less surface area and paint weathering in the outdoor elements. Just like our interior dimensional letters, every letter will be routed or laser cut for a precise and smooth finish.

Do you need your dimensional letters to light up at night? Check out our LED/Channel Letters Section.

Exterior Dimensional Letters Quick Facts:

  • Good option for storefronts that don’t have the space or size for panel or cabinet signs.
  • Produced in any shape, size, color, material, or thickness. Custom logos and fonts available.
  • Can be installed on any building surface, regardless of the texture or protrusion.
  • Routed for precise and smooth cuts.