Architectual Signs

Architectual Signs

Distinctive shape equals distinctive character

Architectural signs are free-standing post and panel signs that are routed or cut into uniquely designed shapes. Architectural signs can be made from sandblasted urethane, MDO board, or dibond; as well as aluminum.

Cabinets and monument signs can fall into the architectural category. Basically, if you want your sign to have something other than a square or rectangular shape, you should request an architectural free-standing sign.

We will design your architectural sign exclusively for you. The shape and style of the sign will be designed to integrate the character and image of your business – and only your business.

Does My Sign Really Need A Distinctive Shape?

The answer to that question will be different for every business. An architectural sign will always catch people’s attention quicker than a rectangular sign because our eyes are attracted to new and uncommon objects.

But the advantages to an architectural sign also come with a higher price tag, compared to rectangular or square signs made from the same type of sign substrate. If you feel that your sign is in an area where you have to compete with other businesses and advertising, it might be worth the time and money to get a more distinctive-looking sign.

Architectural signs require the same installation as all other free-standing post and panel signs. Therefore, they entail no additional steps or costs in order to get you sign up and quickly on display.

Architectural Sign Quick Facts:

  • Free-standing post and panel signs that have a more distinctive and unique shape, compared to other rectangular or square signs.
  • Can be fabricated using sandblasting, routing, or cutting.
  • Custom designed for you business; the shape of the sign will be made to match the distinct character of your business.
  • Installed the same way as all other free-standing post and panel signs.