Aluminum Cabinets

Aluminum Cabinets

An unmistakable presence in the community

Aluminum cabinets give you strength and durability, not only in the structure of your sign, but also in the image you convey to the public.

Made to match any job specifications, aluminum cabinets are sprayed with the finest Akzo Nobel paints to match any color and custom fabricated to correspond with your architectural preferences.

Your cabinet will look professional on the outside and remain resilient and solid on the inside. Our aluminum cabinets are assembled with welded joints and reinforcements in the interior to assure that your cabinet will have a very long lifespan.

Do I Need an Aluminum Cabinet or a Post and Panel Sign?

In general, aluminum cabinets have a stronger durability than other post and panel signs; but the main reason to choose a cabinet is the need for a sign with interchangeable parts.

If your business needs a long-lasting and stable sign, but also needs to be flexible for modifications; cabinets can be produced with removable and changeable faces

Aluminum cabinets give you reliable durability, but also give you options.

If you want a directional aluminum cabinet, please see our Exterior Directories section. If you want your aluminum cabinet to be internally lit, please see our Illuminated Cabinets section.

Aluminum Cabinet Quick Facts:

  • Customized to meet any job specifications, including colors and architecture.
  • Sprayed with Akzo Nobel paints and made with top grade aluminum.
  • Made with a fortified interior with welded joints and bracket reinforcements.
  • Can be made with interchangeable faces to allow sign modifications while maintaining solid durability.