Sign Design

What is a layout or a proof?

A layout (aka a proof) is the computer file we show you to verify you are getting the sign that you want. We can either send you layouts via email or print them out to discuss with you in person. We can even superimpose the sign you want into an actual digital photo of the sign location to further help you visualize how your sign will look when finished. With every job we do, we will show you the sign layout to make sure that the sign is accurate and how you intended it.

What are your file format requirements for uploading images and logos?

The most compatible files with our design software are EPS and PDF files. These are generally the files we use to transfer photos and logos onto our sign layouts. We can also receive TIFF files for digital photos. JPG files offer a quick and fast way to exchange sign layout examples with our customers; but if artwork needs modified, we cannot alter JPG files with our software without complete reconstruction.

What are your recommendations for effective advertising design?

Good design is judged on four basic guidelines: Signs should be 1. Readable, 2. Visible, 3. Legible, and 4. Noticeable

Signs with good readability are signs that are well organized with appropriate spacing and color contrast. Colors like black and white are very readable with strong contrast.

Visibility is all about viewer distance. There are general font and image sizes recommended for easy viewing from particular distances. But with visibility, signs must also be legible. In other words, people must be able to make out what they are seeing. As elegant as some script typestyles might look, they won’t do you any good if people can read them.

Lastly, while most signs are visible, readable and legible, what is it about your sign that is going to make people notice it? There are many ways to make your sign stand out. Good design may contain elements like borders; font emphasis; unique shapes, dimension or special effects; additional color; and eye catching graphics.

How do you charge for your design work?

We do not charge a fee for any initial layouts or artwork modifications that take an hour or less without revisions. Beyond that, we do charge by the hour. In charging by the hour, you get an unlimited amount of revisions to your sign layouts. To give you an idea of how long it takes for signs to be designed, we can send you examples of designs that took one hour to complete compared to designs that took 8 hours or more to complete. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our hourly rate.

Can you design my logo and identity?

Absolutely. Members of our design department thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to use their artistic creativity to design new and fresh identities for our valued clients. We do charge by the hour for design work, but you will find our design team to be far more affordable than most other ad agencies.