Our Departments

Our Departments

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Design Department

  • Handles all design layouts, graphic modification, and other artwork requests. Also responsible for logo creation, branding, and shop drawings.

Permits Department

  • Processes all sign permit requests. Responsible for contacting the appropriate municipality and completing the paperwork, fees, and filings to meet permit requirements.

Financing Department

  • Manages job estimates, billings and company charges. Responsible for providing quotes and bills to clients and handling credit card payments.

Production Department

  • Controls all manufacturing and printing operations. Responsible for sign fabrication, painting, routing, printing and graphic application as well as vehicle graphics.

Installations Department

  • Manages all interior and exterior sign installations including vinyl applications. Also responsible for sign services involving maintenance, repair, and removal.

Sales Department

  • Oversees company advancement through promotion and product development. Also handles sign consultations and incoming sales calls.